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About us

We publish books because we love them as disseminators of knowledge, emotions and experiences. We are fortunate to work in our vocation. We make your book with the same dedication that you wrote it.

Above our commercial interest are our ethical standards. We are a team with different specialties: literature, translation, graphic design, typography and printing, working on a solution to a real problem: the vast majority of writers fail to publish their works. We also want to encourage those who having things to say do not write, some by fear or because a conviction that his/her book will never be published, others by lack of knowledge about the publishing process.

Alexandria Library is a publishing company established in Florida, USA, since 1995.

Kiko Arocha, Publisher

Vilma Cebrián, Publisher

Arturo Arocha, eBooks

Gabriel Cebrián, Website

José Lorenzo Fuentes,
Literary advisor

Laura Portulla
, Designer

Hary Vesa,

Pablo Brouwer
, Designer

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