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Manuscript Evaluation

"You never get a second chance
to make a first impression
" Popular saying

This evaluation is a professional analysis of the manuscript, an overview that pinpoints strengths as well as weakness. It includes:

  • Assessment of the quality, usefulness and originality of the work.

  • Currency and accuracy of the information, if applicable.

  • Literary evaluation and, in the case of non-literary works, how the theme or topic is presented.

  • Language analysis: words use, spelling, grammar, narrative rhythms.

  • Structure: organization and content.

  • Analysis of title and subtitles.

  • Recommendations: publish it as is, edit, revise, delay it or dismiss.

  • Commercial evaluation: intended audience, recommended price, etc..

The resulting report is doubly confidential to ensure the objectivity of the evaluation. Neither the author knows who evaluates their work not the professional knows the author. If an author has doubts about the quality of his work, we recommend this service before deciding to publish.

It is not essential to send the finished work, but a substantial sample.
Cost: $ 10.00 per 1000 words. Minimum: $ 100.00

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