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We publish your paperback book in less than 30 days


Genre Narrative: $3,00 per page.
Books under 100 pages: $295.00

Novels, Short Stories, Testimonies, Essays, Self help, Philosophy... (Basically text with up to three illustrations and two tables)


Other genres and formats: We will send you an estimate within 24 hours of receiving the manuscript.

Poetry, Cooking Books, Children Stories, books with more than three illustrations and two tables, books with Mathematical Symbols, books with Musical Scores...
(Complex Formats)

Professional custom cover design in full color
included, at no cost

To submit a manuscript or a free consultation:





Before publication

Send your book to Alexandria Library in Microsoft Word format. How to prepare and send the manuscript.

• You set the retail price


We get your book published and distributed for sale permanently through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the main Wholesale retailers and libraries Worldwide.


After publication

• Retain all your rights and copyright licenses.

Receive from 40 – 60% of the list price as royalties.

Your royalties are transferred into your bank account or paid by check.

Special 70% discount for sales to the author.

Non-exclusivity: The book can be published and sold in other markets.

You keep control of your books accounts. You can keep track on sales


You have one time cost, and retain all royalties


1st Step: Send us an email with your manuscript in Word attached:

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