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How to prepare and send the manuscript

  • Type your manuscript in Word

  • Do not worry about fonts, margins and page size. The font size can be 12 points and the spacing between lines a simple one. Do not use ornaments

  • Never press more than once the space bar. There should be no more than one space

  • Do not indent. At the beginning of paragraph do not press the spacebar or the Tab. To separate paragraphs press the Enter key twice

  • You can use bold and italic, but only where they are absolutely necessary . Usually bold is used in headings and subheadings. The Italics are used in words in another language and in titles of books and journals. Eventually you can add emphasis to a word or phrase using italics, but do not abuse the procedure

  • Do not insert images in Word. If you need an image, write between brackets the name of the image file in the place of text where you want the image. If the image needs a caption, write it also inside the brackets like this: [my-dog.jpg - My dog Dino]

  • Do not use long dashes (em or en) for clarification and dialogues. Instead use three contiguous regular dashes (---)

  • If the book has footnotes and you do not know how to place it in Word, write the footnote between brackets in the place where goes the reference number, like this: [footnote: Theophilus Windsor died in 1798]

  • Separate chapters with a page break (Ctrl Enter). Do not press repeatedly the Enter key nor any other key for that purpose

  • Send the manuscript as an email attachment, as well as the images. If it is too bulky you can send them in several consecutive emails, specifying the name of the author, the title of the book and the number of the sending (for example, 3 out of 7). Send all of them to



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